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The legend of Evelina

Whether this legend is a story fueled by local imagination or a reality so extraordinary that it has taken on the shape of a fantastic happening, it is certain that Evelina van Millingen Pisani, has become a legend in our memory, stories, and in true accounts.
The older folk of Vescovana, that have gathered the stories of their forefathers, tell the following story. In September, at the end of the park, one can meet Evelina who walks about the rocky garden. It is a meeting of her perceived spirit, revealed by the soft rustle of the leaves, similar to that of her silk clothes, that one time announced her presence and revealed her movements.
Fantastic legend or intense lasting presence? It is certain that she was a legend, if Henry James, in 1897, wrote to the Curtis family, blessing his house, "and all it contains, non least the ghost or whatever remains of the noble Pisani".

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