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Cunizza and the Elisina court - 1000 1500

The marriage of the daughter of the Duke of Baveria and Saxony to the Marquis of Este and the dispute between the Guelfs and Ghibellines are the origin of the history of Vescovana and of the construction of the Villa Pisani. The feud of the noble and important Lady became the cradle of historic and political events in Europe, and her descendants would later give rise to the political parties and wars that would change states and allegiances, until the arrival of a Venetian family in Vescovana.

Around the year 1000, the blond Cunizza, daughter of Guelfo II, Count of Artdorf and Lord of Ravensburg (Swabia), Duke of Baveria and Saxony, was given in marriage to Azzo II of Este, the "Elisina Court", a vast feud that has as its center Solesino (from which it takes its name) and included a great number other neighboring villages, among them Vescovana. The Elisina Court joined together with the Este territory, and followed the historical events, struggles, conquests and defeats of the House of Este. The marriage of Cunizza produces a son, Welf (or Guelfo) IV, future founder of the Guelf (Welf) Party, whose members clashed with the Ghibellines (Weiblingen), giving rise to a long series of conflicts.

The Marcheses of Este, that enjoyed a long period of glory, and later became the Dukes of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio, and joined their forces with those of the Pope during the investiture conflict between Emperor Enrico IV and Pope Gregorio VII, and they proved to be a Guelf stronghold in Italy. During the long series of conflicts that saw the clash of the factions, towers and strongholds were built at Vescovana, as in the other villages. Nonetheless, in 1249 the armies of Ezzelino da Romano took the city and destroyed it.
In 1293 the Este holdings were annexed to the City of Padova, and later to the Venetian Republic. The wealthy patrician Venetians built their own villas on the ruins of the former inhabitants castles and towers, at the center of vast real estate holdings, acquired through reclaimed lands or grants from the Venetian Republic.
The acquisition of thousands of fields of the ancient region by the extremely wealthy Pisani family dates back to 1468. The land was sold at auction after being confiscated from the descendants of the Este family. The Pisani family became the lords of a true feud, the original "Elisina Court" of Cunizza, and here they built their palace, the Villa Pisani in Vescovana, in the first half of the 1500s, on the ruins of an ancient medieval tower.

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