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For your dream wedding party, reception or party in general, Villa Pisani provides splendid frescoed rooms, all on the same floor, all connected and of different sizes. They can accommodate up to 300 people seated, up to 180 in the same room.
The rooms are heated and, if necessary, air-conditioned.

The expertly lit garden offers an extraordinarily romantic atmosphere, and outdoor parties can express themselves with different and creative arrangements.

The very long pergola of strawberry grapes, lit by candles, hosts splendid buffets and the very long porticoed Barchessa provides welcome shelter from the scorching sun, heat or evening breeze.

At Villa Pisani it is also possible to celebrate the wedding in the parish church that is opposite the Villa, while the civil ceremony can be held in the garden or indoors in the specially prepared rooms.

Often the bride and groom choose Villa Pisani precisely to have the opportunity to organise the ceremony in the same place as the wedding party, because it is nice to receive guests in a unique location, greeted by a small reception after leaving the car in a quiet and convenient parking area of the house, while waiting for the bride, who is dressed in the villa with all the necessary facilities.

And it is also nice to stop for the night, at the end of the party, with a few relatives or close friends, to meet again in the morning for a last goodbye in the garden, retracing the beautiful moments of the party.
Perhaps enjoying a light closing brunch.

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