Drawing spaces short course in Italy

This drawing course in Italy will run Sunday 16 to Saturday 22 April and Sunday 11 to Saturday 17 June.

South facade of Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin in bright sunlight viewed from the formal garden.

Being creative should have all the components of a perfect experience. In this case, the drawing course at Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin, Vescovana, Italy, has the combination of sympathetic inspired teaching and a perfect setting. The course instructor, Andy Siddall, is an architect and also a teaching fellow of Interior design at Edinburgh School of Art. The villa is the stuff of dreams. Rich history, a romantic backstory and the richness of the Italian landscape will create a glorious adventure. 

Andy Siddall, leader of your drawing course in Italy, sitting sketching in a library.

Regardless of your skill level Andy will give you the chance to learn new and exciting skills in his drawing course “Drawing Spaces”. Each day of the drawing course will provide a wonderful setting for your artistic journey.

With a history dating from 1468, Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin provides the ideal location for  your drawing course in Italy.  Further, as one of the finest examples of 16th century Venetian architecture, the villa provides the perfect setting.  

Where will I stay?

Every aspect of this drawing course will give you a truly immersive exposure to Italy. Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin is a hidden gem with a rich and romantic history. You will sleep in historic apartments, wander in the early morning through the formal Italian garden (one of the first of its kind) and share in the remarkable love story of Evelyna, The last Countess Pisani. Every meal will broaden your taste experience with locally sourced food and wine. 

Is this course for me?

This course is suitable for everyone regardless of  levels of ability, from complete beginner to the very experienced wishing to brush up their skills. Andy Siddall trained at the Royal College of Art in London and has practised in architecture for over 25 years. He then moved into full time teaching at Edinburgh University’s College of Art, where he is currently a Teaching Fellow in Interior Design.

Andy is also an exhibiting artist and a regular Urban Sketcher. What makes him unique is his fine eye for drawing architectural detail. This is based on a lifetime’s experience of studying buildings, their contexts and the ways that spaces work. 

What skills will I develop on my drawing course in Italy? 

Andy Siddall and others sketching.

As a teacher Andy provides the technical knowledge for making drawings through a range of accessible and supportive exercises. In addition he works with his students at every stage through demonstration and hands-on activity. Even the most rudimentary of steps taken towards developing drawing skills can be built upon. His aim is to create confidence with drawing methods which then enable students to explore and develop their own techniques and drawing styles. Once this takes hold he encourages his students to look and see the building in front of them. To look at it with a 3 dimensional presence and in the ways that it interacts with light and its surrounding environment.

Drawing spaces course structure 


Arrive and settle into your historic bedroom accommodation.

Monday AM

Learning about different types of perspective, how to establish the view, how to set the composition and what the drawing might tell, in so doing identifying the narrative qualities. This is a whole morning – with a demonstration of single and then 2 point perspective.

Monday PM

Choosing 2 locations, an interior enclosed view and an exterior, more wide angle view. Again, led by demo and then giving everybody 90 minutes or so to make a pair of drawings – just using a single line weight. This is quite technical – or what Andy calls the method.

Tuesday AM

Looking at techniques – the morning is spent bringing depth into drawings through a range of line weights – which believe it or not, are set out in a British Standard – so again a little ‘architectural’ but forming a strong foundation for what follows.

Tuesday PM

Bringing light into the drawings – just light, using ink wash or charcoal, or watercolour wash – whichever you prefer or a range of techniques. This looks at how shadows work in perspective – where they come from and how to use them creatively. This is all in one weight of shadow. The day will end by looking at linear perspective and bring depth into the images through the weight of shadow.


Adding detail – picking out foreground, middle and background elements and also understanding how they work together to create more depth and content. Combined with line weight and shadow depth the day will be spent making a new drawing of part of the villa and grounds.


Colour – using colour to define the tactile, experiential side of image – and part of this is about composition. That is knowing where to stop, what not to draw and sometimes how much white space to balance the coloured space. This starts with some abstract exercises, and then combines into a new study of part of the villa.


Bringing it all together, with a large image combining everything into one place.


Final breakfast and departure in the morning by 10 am.

Details of your drawing course in Italy

  • The 2023 dates for the drawing spaces course are Sunday 16 to Saturday 22 April and Sunday 11 to Saturday 17 June.
  • Cost per participant – €2,350  including all necessary materials.
  • The course cost includes a 25% (€587.50) non-refundable booking deposit.
  • No singles supplement.
  • A private suite of two rooms is available that accommodates up to 4 people. There is an additional cost of €60 per person in the suite.
  • The instruction on this drawing spaces course is in English.
  • The cost of the course also includes full board, specialist  Italian catering and use of all facilities including swimming pool.
  • The cost of the course does not include transfers from airports or train stations, however we can assist you in organising these.
  • To book your place use the booking form below.

Non participating guests

You are welcome to bring a non participating guest with you. The cost is €1,750 Euros. They will also be able to enjoy all other aspects of the experience at Villa Pisani Bolognese Scalabrin, including all meals and use of the swimming pool.

Examples of Andy’s work

A small taste of Andy’s exceptional work.  You can see more on his website: Andy Siddall Drawings

Booking form

    If booking for more that yourself please include the names of other participants and any non-participants (one per participant) in the Additional information box below. We will send you an invoice for the booking deposits of any additional people.

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    Deposit payment will be charged by Linda Winter Artist who organises all courses at Villa Pisani.