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Architectural details

The grandeur and beauty of the facades and the interior of the villa in Vescovana, built on the ruins of an ancient medieval tower, reflects the power, prestige and wealth of the family.
In coherence with the position of the Veneto government, the Pisani family initiated a vast draining project and redevelopment of this watery territory, subject to flooding from the Adige and Gorzone rivers.
The significance of this project is documented by the great document (1663 copy made from a 1558 original) entitled Reclaiming the Gorzone, preserved in the Ethnographic Museum in Stanghella. One can see a large building with the caption "the court of the most reverend Cardinal Pisani" that includes a map of the Villa.

It is shown with an central section elongated by the porticoed wings, dovecoting, and stables.
The distinguished commissioner wanted it to be grand and splendidly frescoed, in the Pisani tradition, lovers of art and beauty. On the north facade, a low staircase flanked by statues leads to the interior, while the south facade was significantly redone in 1800.
The large staircase supported by balustraded columns was removed during the renovation of the garden, to make room for a spacious terrace on the main floor, intended to offer a wonderful view of the garden from above, just as its creator, Evelina van Millingen Pisani, had in mind. A splendid trellis of vines shades the sunny facade, defining the space in front of the villa, and leading to the garden, which is set apart by the ancient balusters.

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